What’s a PITAC ?

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The PITA in PITAC always stands for the Same thing…..…..Pain In The ASS !!!

However, the C in PITAC means MORE than JUST Customers…

The definition of a PITAC is as follows: ANYTHING that ANNOYS one’s Personal Space

So it also Pertains to these Following “C”s:


Obviously, We are NOT Discriminatory here…

We want to hear ALL STORIES from YOUR PITAC’s !!!! Share Now!!

The “SAFE PLACE” to “VENT” as there is NO need for your Name or email… Just Let her Rip!!

Example Post->
Hi My Name is _____?______
(You can be anonymous; We Love Alter-Ego’s)
I am a _____?_______ or I work as a _____?______ in City & State
I had this PITAC who
“_____Tell us your side of the story___”

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2 thoughts on “What’s a PITAC ?”

  1. Hi my name is Sherlock. I am an IT&Marketing Manager in Bangkok. I had this PITAC who doesn’t pay the money that owe. One thing first that all of you should understand that my company get paid on credit (3-4 months normally). It means that customers bought on our products and got to pay in another 3-4 months time. Today I went to her shop with my assistant trying to explain to her that you still owe me money for the products that you have bought “over a year ago!” We had a big argument on one bill which was dated a year ago. Dated back in 11/09/14 she clearly stated that she had paid the money on that day when the products arrived at her shop, the amount of THB27,000 (~$750) in cash. She doesn’t has any evidence to support her claim, but she “remember.” Remember? Of something that happened a year ago? BULL SHIT!!! Even I don’t remember everything so I have written everything down on paper and on my computer into company network, even my assistant has a copy of it. Every time when the customer pay the money there will always be my signature and theirs on the paper. The amount is big there is no way that I could misplace it. Ugh!! I want to kill that BITCH!!

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