Flight Attendants & Pilots in the SKY have Pain in the ASS customers



Are You a Flight Attendant?

Are You a Pilot?

What Airline?

Do you have Pain in the ASS customers?

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The “Anti-YELP-Angie’s” list is HERE->

PITAC’s List

Pain IThe A$$ Customer

The Customer is NOT ALWAYS Right!!

Contractors & Businesses have a SAY TOO !!

There are Two sides to Every story…

…and somewhere in the middle is the TRUTH!!

What is YOUR side of the Truth?

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Example Post->
Hi My Name is _____?______ (You can be anonymous)
I am a _____?_______ or I work as a _____?______ in City & State
I had this Customer who “_____Tell us your side of the story___”

Flight Attendants Rule the Skies… NO Limits !!

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