Kansas Businesses have Pain in the ASS Customers


Do you Work in Kansas?

Do You have Pain In The A$$ Customers to deal with?

The “Anti-Angie’s” list is HERE-> PITAC’s List

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Bartenders in ALL 50 States have LOTS of Pain in the ASS Customers

Bartender 1

Are You a Bartender?

What City & State?

How many Regular Customers do you have?

Bartender 2

How Often do they get Trashed! Buzzed?

We would love to Hear Your Stories!!

PLEASE SHARE some or Your FUNNY Stories->

batender 5

Hi My Name is _____?______ (You can be anonymous)
I am a Bartender for_____?_____ I work for _____?______ in City & State
I had this Customer who “_____Tell us your side of the story___”

Bartender 3

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