Lawyers have Pain in the ASS Clients

Are You a Lawyer?
Do You have Pain in the ASS Clients?
The “Anti-Angie’s” list is HERE-> PITAC’s List
Pain In The A$$ Clients/Customers
The Client is NOT ALWAYS Right!!
Lawyers have a SAY TOO !!
There are Two sides to Every story…
…and somewhere in the middle is the TRUTH!!
What is YOUR side of the Truth?
It is now FREE to tell YOUR side of the Story to the Whole World!
Protect Yourself, & Help Your Fellow Constituents.
We are ALL in Business to Make Money,
YELL! SCREAM!! VENT & Blow Off Steam for FREE
Better than the BBB; we have the #DBD
#DBD = (DodgeA-Bullet-DataBase)
you could save Thou$and$ by avoiding
the Dreaded PITAC!!

Example Post->
Hi My Name is _____?______ (You can be anonymous)
I am a _____?_______ or I work as a _____?______ in City & State
I have this Client who “_____Tell us your side of the story___”

Be the first to tell us Your PITAC story…You Know you want to…