Walmart has Pain in the ASS Customers


Do you Work at a Walmart?

Do You have Pain in the ASS people to deal with?

The “Anti-Angie’s” list is HERE-> PITAC’s List

The definition of a PITAC is as follows: ANYTHING that ANNOYS one’s Personal Space

<-See Post in upper Left column: What’s a PITAC?

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Pain in the A$$ Customers

The ALL NEW "Social Vent-Work" is here...the ANTI-YELP-Trip Advisor-Angie-List... Do YOU have PITA's!!! (Pains In The ASS!) in YOUR Life? EVERYONE has their OWN Personal PITA List....PLEASE SHARE YOUR Stories with the World!...This is why we are here. Vent! Rant! Rage! Blow Off Steam!! Have Fun with it!!! NO Name or Email required!! This is the "SAFE-PLACE" to VENT!! So Feel FREE to let it ALL Hang OUT!!! Let Your Alter-EGO Go Wild !! Just find your Job in the Search box and Let it RIP!!!

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